TIPS: Breast massage and emptying the breast

Salam mommies sekalian..entry kali ni nak share pasal kosongkan breast masa selepas anda pam susu. Kita nak pastikan betul ke breast kite betul2 kosong. So. kat bawah ni cara2 nak periksa yek. Macam saya tiap kali pam saya akan picit breast untuk pastikan semua susu saya keluar dan breast kosong. Pastu saya balun minum air bayak2. Yela kan saya makan vitamin Shaklee so memg kena minum air banyak2 yek.
Salah satu cara ialah dengan mengurut payudara didalam bentuk circular motion dari atas payudara ke areolar dan ke nipple.. dan picit nipple, lebihan susu akan keluar sekiranya masih terdapat susu di payudara. Urutan ini diulang sehingga tiada lagi susu yang keluar. Urutan ini juga bagus buat mereka yang mengalami masalah engorgement.. Jom baca lebih lanjut.. senang sikit if ada gambarkan..

Breast massage promotes the blood circulation in the breasts - as well as the flow of milk - and has a positive influence on milk production. This massage should be briefly performed before any breastfeeding session, particularly in the first days and weeks after your baby’s birth to prevent engorgement. It is especially useful for the prevention of breast inflammation. Breast massage should be carried out gently and should never be painful. Hands should be washed thoroughly before any massage.

  • Place your breast between your hands (Pict.1), which should be held horizontally, and move the gland tissue back and forward - as shown in the picture. Afterwards you repeat the same procedure by placing your breast between your hands held vertically (Pict.2).
  • One hand supports the breast. Place three to four fingertips of your other hand flat on the breast and massage the gland tissue with circular movements. The fingertips are shifted 2-3 cm every now and then and the procedure is repeated until you have massaged the entire breast (Pict.3).
  • Use your fingers to gently caress the breast from the base of the areola to the nipple. Through this movement, you can bring the milk to flow (Pict.4).
  • Try to gently squeeze out a drop of milk by placing the thumb and the finger (as shown in Pict.5 below) behind the areola and pressing slightly in direction of the chest. Then, by applying gentle pressure, move your thumb and finger towards the nipple without rubbing the skin. You can wet your nipple with the resulting drop of breast milk and encourage your baby to suck the breast.
  • The rhythmical repetition of Pict.5 around the areola can relax a tense breast or even empty it. Alternatively, you can express the breast milk using a gently- functioning breast pump.